Course Information

Speleothems (cave deposits) are fantastic archives of terrestrial palaeoclimate. This realisation, accompanied by the development of novel analytical techniques, has led to an extraordinary diversification and expansion of speleothem research over the past two decades. This trend continues today.

The Summer School on Speleothem Science (S4) aims to bring together students and experts from across the world to discuss the latest techniques and innovations, as well as help students to develop a broad and robust understanding of the traditional methods that form the basis of speleothem science (for example δ18O and δ13C time series). The Organising Committee feel that such a meeting is of immeasurable value to researchers new to the field, as well as to established experts.

Lectures held by international experts will be complemented by discussions and seminars on a range of speleothem-related topics, providing a lively and comprehensive Summer School. Practical experience will take the form of workshops, laboratory visits and a cave field trip. During poster sessions participants can present their own research to discuss and troubleshoot cutting-edge ideas.

The Summer School is predominantly aimed at Masters and PhD students, but also welcomes other young researchers interested in joining the speleothem science community.